Martha’s Canadian Drive

Martha's Canadian Drive


Immediately following the Rio 2016 Olympic Games Martha drove from Victoria, British Columbia to St. John’s Newfoundland to give life to the Olympic dream of many young people by showing up and sharing her story first hand.


Martha’s goal to inspire the next generation of athletes, swimmers, young people, coaches, parents, and more through face to face interaction while Olympic excitement was fresh was achieved as she spoke to 45 different groups across Canada in just over 50 days. More than 3000 Canadians participated and met Martha in her cross country tour with even more engagement occurring over different social channels.


Through thoughtful in depth planning, Martha was able to successfully secure four major companies that aligned with her personal brand to support her drive.
– BMW provided 2 different high end, safe and sleek cars fully branded with “Martha’s Canadian Drive” and “Official Olympic Vehicle” decals (a 4 35 i was the west coast model, and the X1 crossover was the model used from Toronto to the east coast)
– RBC provided a personalized branded banner as well as autograph cards and a financial stipend to help cover expenses
– The Dairy Farmers of Canada helped to cover financial costs of the drive and shared in Martha’s passion of inspiring young girls through their ChampionHer Campaign
– Swimming Canada helped to provide further giveaways and to manage media opportunities


All Olympians start from somewhere. Martha was driving across Canada to share her journey from club swimming to international and Olympic success.

  • Personalizing the Olympics
    • Get to know the human behind the success
  • Persevering through adversity, failure and the daily grind
  • How to focus on what matters most
  • Thriving off pressure
    1. 1-hour motivational talk
      • Q&A
      • Autograph sessions, photos & take home cards


  1. 1 or 2 hour in water clinic (technical work, unique drills, demonstrations by me ect.)
  2. Package – talk & in water clinic (minimum 2 hour)

CONTACT mccabeswims@gmail.com for inquiries

All participants had the opportunity to meet Martha and share her World Championship bronze medal and Pan Am Games silver medal as well as a signed take home autograph card!


Check out the schedule to see what her schedule looked like on the road.

Media from the drive

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