Head to Head

Head to Head

Connecting Canada’s best with the next generation to help Canadian youth be their healthiest – inside and out.


Martha is founder of Powering Canadian Athletes Incorporated and more specifically Head to Head . With Martha’s deep rooted passion for healthy living from the inside out she created Head to Head. She believes that by connecting Canadian youth with Olympians and National Team Athletes, we can save lives by increasing confidence and improving mindset – all the while, powering Canadian athletes.

The Program:

External sources like social media are extremely influential and often detrimental to the way youth perceive themselves. Head to Head presents a revolutionary approach to how Canadians interact with Olympians.
  • By providing mentorship from the best, it allows youth to grow with positive self-images at the most crucial part of their life; a time when they are sometimes less inclined to comply with ideas from parents, coaches, and teachers.
  • Olympians and National Team athletes will support the role of club coaches; they know first-hand how important the role of a coach is, so will help to strengthen the coaches’ messages, reinforce their philosophies, and share learning experiences with the athletes in the club.
Head to Head will schedule an Olympian or National Team athlete to visit a sports club monthly with:

• 2 in person visits to a training session per month
• 1 X video call in per month
• Continuous access via e-mail for mentorship to participants

For a reasonable monthly fee the club will support their assigned Olympian/National Team athlete to work with the youth involved
  • Dollars go directly to the club’s current or transitioning Olympian/National Team Athlete, with a small portion going toward program management and development.
  • This opportunity provides competing and transitioning athletes, relevant, meaningful work in an area where they are confident experts. It’s something they can be proud of outside of their athletic accomplishments. It really is a win-win scenario!
Head to Head will build a connection between your club and an Olympian/National Team Athlete.

*Note: Not all Olympians/National Team Athletes will qualify for this role.

Strict protocols are in place for all mentors.

• Continuous visits ensure meaningful impact is made through personal connections
• These experts have been through age group sport, they know the sport better than anyone else, and can provide innovative feedback to coaches, swimmers and support staff


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