Head to Head

Head to Head

Connecting Olympians with the next generation to help Canadian youth be their best – inside and out.


Martha is founder of Head to Head. With Martha’s deep rooted passion for healthy living from the inside out she created Head to Head. She believes that by connecting Canadian youth with Olympians and National Team Athletes, we can increase confidence and improve mindset.

External sources like social media are extremely influential and often detrimental to the way youth perceive themselves. Head to Head presents a formalized approach to facilitate Canadian youth interaction with Olympians.

    Team Mentorship Programs: Head to Head pairs Olympians with teams for ongoing visits, lessons and touch points throughout a season

    Youth Sport Clinics: Head to Head runs sporting workshops on and off the field of play that are led by Olympians and open to all youth ages 10+

    Head to Head supports Olympians across Canada who are passionate about sharing their experiences with the next generation


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