Training at Altitude in Spain

I’m in the south of Spain, Sierra Nevada, at a high altitude training centre with some of the Danish national team. The current world record holder in my event is Danish and so I came to train and learn from her and her coach. We’re at a high performance centre for athletes, so my room is up 2 floors above the dining hall, which is one floor above the pool. It’s a huge facility, with multiple gyms, a track (&field), cardio rooms, weight rooms, physiotherapists, doctors ect. Everything we need is right here, which is ideal for training. We’ve walked down the mountain a couple times (beautiful) and went into Granada to check out the city.

The Danes are extremely friendly, and their coach is a great Australian guy (Shannon Rollason) who’s had tons of swimming success throughout his career. I’ve learned so much through his stories and feedback already. The Danes all speak near perfect English and we’ve spent lots of time learning about each-others’ countries which is always fun.

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