Officially a Two-time Olympian

Friends cheering in McCabe shirts at Trials

Hello all!

It’s been brought to my attention that I never actually updated you post-Olympic trials. Hopefully you all know that I did in fact qualify for my 2nd Olympic Team.

I will be headed to Rio this summer with Team Canada!

My race at Olympic trials was good enough… and that’s about it. My coach and I learned a lot about the final preparation stage (final 5 weeks before my race) and have already made some small adjustments in training that I am confident will help me come August 10th! Having the trials in my hometown was another thrill; I had tons of friends, family and supporters out, sporting McCabe t-shirts of all sorts. With that said the meet was, as it always is, a roller-coaster for my emotions. Seeing some of my good friends, and long standing teammates miss their dream to represent Canada at the Olympics was heartbreaking. The biggest challenge for me is watching these misses and not allowing myself to get wrapped up in them. I didn’t race my 200 breaststroke until the 5th day if competition, so I had to keep to myself and not allow my heart to sink for my friends. It was business first and they all acted like the champions they are and respected that fact.

More recently, I have had the honour of being named co- captain of the Olympic Swim team alongside my friend Ryan Cochrane. In a group of such tremendous leaders it is very special and I know that we will not be the only two people leading this team to success this summer.

From now, until Rio our focus is on daily training with a few small racing opportunities in between. We head to California to race and then to San Diego for a 2 week training camp in June. The Canadian Olympic Swim Team will gather in Scarborough in mid-July and we’ll fly to Rio on July 30th. The opening ceremonies are on the 5th and swimming starts on the 6th, my race is on the 10th/11th. It’s all coming up quick which is suuuppperrr awesome!!!

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Thanks for following along!!!
Go Canada Go! But also… Go Raptors Go! 🙂

mar jo